Pasta e Fagioli

My dad’s Americanization of this recipe always makes me laugh: “Pasta Fazzu”. It really is his favorite, and even though as a kid I didn’t like it, I always liked when mom made it because it smelled so great.

Here’s the recipe, as my mom sent it to me recently.

Also note – if you are going to use pasta in this recipe rather than bread – cook that pasta separately and add it in as you plate the soup, otherwise the noodles will absorb all  of the liquid.

Glad you have time to edit my recipes…this one in particular is daddy’s favorite soup and I learned it from Grandma just the way it is…I will tell you that you can add spinach, also purée half of the beans to add creaminess to the soup…

Here it goes: You have the picture of all the ingredients…you should add lots of grated Parmesan cheese to that.

Remove the casing from one link of Italian sausage – could be hot or mild, as you prefer.

Brown the sausage in one tbsp. of olive oil, breaking it down to small pieces as it cooks.

Once browned add the whole can of chopped tomatoes, one can of water, the sliced or chopped onions, the cut up celery stick in bite size, the red pepper to your taste and the chicken bullion.

Bring it all to a boil, cover it and let it simmer for 20 minutes.

Now add the can of cannellini beans, the whole garlic clove smashed with the back of your hand and the bay leaves. Continue cooking the soup for another 25 min.

Remove from the burner and wait about 10 min before eating.

This soup is even better the next day. As far as pasta, I like to use the small shells but even broken up spaghetti will work. This time, since I had home made bread I served the soup with croutons cooked in butter, parsley and garlic salt to taste.

Serve into a bowl, dress with lots of Parmesan cheese and enjoy.

Zuppa di Pasta e Fagioli Ingredients for Pasta e Fagioli

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