Each and every holiday growing up as a kid, my mom, my aunts, or my grandmother would make pettole around the holidays. Imagine delicious yeasty donuts, without holes, with raisins. They’re delicious. Trust me.

Here’s our recipe:

  • 1.25c warm water
  • a pinch of sugar (more to come later, I promise!)
  • 1 envelope of active dry yeast
  • 2.5c of flour
  • .5c or more of raisins
  • oil for frying (not a lot, like 2 cups in a little fry daddy, or more if you’re using a pan)
  • sugar for coating

Start by preparing your wet ingredients – wake the yeast up in the warm water with the sugar pinch, then mix the water into the flour. Add some raisins. Basically, you’re looking to create a nice, sticky, yeasty dough, studded with raisins. Check out some of the images of pettole on flickr for more information. If you have to adjust the water or flour amounts, do it; you’re looking for a dough that is super sticky – one you wouldn’t want to touch with your hands because it’s so sticky and wet.

After the dough has risen (about 2 hours), spoon it into 350 degree oil until they’re done (they’ll sort of float up and get nice and brown.) After you take them out of the oil, let some of the oil soak off, then roll the suckers in sugar.

These things are delicious when they’re warm and fresh so eat ’em up. Enjoy.

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